Public Input Sought in Eugene Police Anti- Bias Policy

The City of Eugene is seeking comments from the public on the draft of an anti-profiling police policy. Policy 402 covers stopping people of protected classes from being sought for questioning on a racial/gender/sexual orientation basis, as well as discussing recording of demographic information on stops and detention of citizens.

As law students in the Eugene community this is another great opportunity for us to become involved with local policy making, and I highly encourage you to look over the policy and send in any comments you might have. Hopefully Oregon Law can make a difference in creating a structure to prevent profiling in policing.

A news article on the policy can be found here.

The actual draft of the policy can be found here.

And here is where comments should be sent:

Eugene Police Commission

300 Country Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401

Or they can be emailed in at:


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