Officially Summertime!


Part of my decision to attend UO Law was location. Eugene is an hour from mountains, an hour from the ocean, and has all of the adventure of venturing West.

Then law school happened.

The brochures show the beautiful landscape – which, granted, you CAN see some of from the library windows.

And we DID go hiking a few weekends at the beginning of fall semester and climb Spencer’s Butte during the spring.

I am not complaining. In fact, I am aware that it is a choice I made. Some of my classmates were significantly better about getting outside (or [insert fun activity here]) than I was. But, overall, most of us would agree that we were unable to find the balance that we would have otherwise wanted.

The past few weekeIMG_1606nds, between our summer internships or classes, we have gotten out. Hiking. Attending the Eugene Beer Fest. Seeing movies. DIY/Pintrest crafts. We have a list of things to do this summer that has slowly been compiling over the past 9 months.

It’s time to check things off of that list. Enjoy the summer UO law students. I am.






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