On Studying: Pick the Right Music

Ok let’s get one thing straight: I am addicted to music. I literally can’t stop listening to it. There are times where I’ve spent an hour or more trying to find the right album to fall asleep to (Neil Young has been my ol’ standby lately). So what’s a law student to do when he knows there are hours of reading left to do? Make a study playlist, of course. music_study

As an undergrad, I never really worried about what music I’d listen to while studying. Sure, I’d have to read a hundred pages of Nietzche before the next day, but I’d be damned if I wasn’t doing it while bumpin’ some Daft Punk. Ok yeah, I couldn’t tell you a think of what I had just read, but holy crap, “Revolution 909” is a HIT! And the way the album flows? Incredible.

Fast forward to law school and well, that doesn’t really fly anymore. Maybe someday I’ll master the art of simultaneously breaking down Pennoyer v. Neff while finding some deep, under-appreciated Radiohead cut, but that time is not my 1L year.

If you’re in the same boat as me, fear not! For I have made you a playlist of the best songs to study with. No lyrics allowed. Featuring Trent Reznor, Real Estate, Andrew Bird, Coldplay producer Jon Hopkins, and more.

If you liked that playlist, but thought it was too short, here’s a 38-hour playlist full of my favorite albums to study to. Be sure to hit shuffle.

Want to let me know what songs you study to? Think my playlist is bogus? Let me know in the comments.


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