Ebola, Pizza & Gender Equality

They’re all blog post topic ideas and a topical catchall for anybody trolling the internet.  Conveniently, they all fall under the broad category of community.

In an effort to promote community well-being, UO released It’s On Us, a video about the community life here on UO’s campus.  It’s part of the Respect Each Other Campaign.  The video promotes students to take care of one another.

I’m afraid, though, that taking care of yourself necessarily precludes taking care of others.  I don’t know about my fellow students, but I plan to use my education to empower people who may not have the resources I have been handed.

Today I sat for nine minutes to drink my coffee and to not think about anything.  I was celebrating turning in my research paper worth 75 points and approximately 75 hours of my life.  I got antsy and felt like I should do something.  This anxiety shed light on a couple things that law school taught me about myself.  It just so happens to be five.

1. I never sit still. Two minutes into my nine-minute, couch break, I started wondering what I should be accomplishing instead.

2. I feel guilty for sleeping.  I slept from 12 AM – 5 AM?  That was about 4.5 hours too long.

3. I love myself and I hate myself.  Not getting enough sleep and trying to comprehend case law makes my emotions a roller-coaster ride.  I’m sure this helps create a warm, accepting community.

4. If it doesn’t come prepackaged, it’s not in my pantry.  A well-cooked, warm meal can brighten any day.  Maybe pizza will do the trick for you?

5. I think in lists.  And, I guess in lists of five?  Hopefully, none of my courses require me to remember more than five things at once.  Otherwise, we might have a problem, Houston.

This isn’t my attempt to opt out of caring about/for others, but assessing myself (very publicly I might add) in hopes that it might prompt others to practice a little self-care.  By creating self-awareness and cultural competency, maybe we can positively affect some of the world’s problems and maybe also share some pizza in the process.


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