Finals: May the Curve be Ever in Your Favor


Now that we are done with the nice break that Thanksgiving brought to see family and friends (or at least 4 day weekend), it’s time to start worrying stressing thinking about finals period. Hopefully by now you have a start on most of your outlines, and are plugging away on finishing them. As Patrice said, allowing time to studying them is almost more important than just finishing them.

Finals aren’t really that bad (except they are and are bad in a way that’s difficult to explain and way different from undergrad finals.) This time last year I had to have the clerk help me use the credit card machine at Trader Joe’s because the yes-no questions threw me for a loop. Really. But after having survived into 2L year, I have gathered some tips and tricks to make finals survivable:

  1. Earplugs. The library gives them out for free during exam periods. Use them to study or during the test. Personally, I don’t use earplugs, but so many other people do I had to put it top of the list.
    • I can’t stand to study in silence, I need some kind of background noise to study for long periods of time. I use Coffitivity, which can be downloaded as an app on your Mac, or streamed online.
  1. Library quiet floors are strictly enforced. The librarians usually send out an email address to send your complaints to so you don’t have to confront people, and they are prompt in addressing them. Really though, it should just be the undergrads that feel the librarians wrath. Don’t be that guy who everyone knows is the loudest person in the library. Just don’t.
  1. Food. While the long days in the library mean I usually order take out or stop by Chipotle and Mickey D’s often during finals, try to eat some green non-frozen things and fruit. It always makes a difference to how I feel when I am eating non-fast food, which in turn means I can study longer and better. Usually the Career Center has a few snacks available as well.
  • Make sure to check out the Food Resiliency Project’s advice to eat seasonally. My Favorite Finals Food Places Close to Campus: Market of Choice for fruits/veggies/salad bar take away; McMenamins for burger and tots and to use their wifi to get some things done while eating; for take-out from some of Eugene’s best while I am working at my apartment.
  1. Exercise. Now is usually the time I am most tempted stop exercising because I am feeling the time crunch- don’t. Even a 20 minute workout makes a world of difference in how I feel.
    • While I always feel kind of, well, guilty when I am not studying every minute the closer finals get, I still structure time into my day for relaxation away from school. During finals, that’s usually just before bed. I love this yoga sequence for helping slow me down before going to bed, so I can make the most of my night as well, and actually get some zzzz’s

That’s my list of tips and tricks for finals. Do you have any tips and tricks for finals I missed? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Stay sane, and see you at the bar after we all make it out the other side!

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