John Bain

John is from  Oregon. He is a 1L international law fellow and has an interest in international law, property law, and immigration law.

“Since starting law school, I have become very interested in jurisdiction and the different ways the different courts and different countries assert jurisdiction. I am particularly interested in recent developments in regards to the Alien Tort Claims Act in the United States and Universal Jurisdiction in Spain.”

Nathalie Ingram

Nathalie if from Belgium. She is interested in international development and in particular human rights law, global health law, and immigration law. Nathalie is also interested in policy making.

“I am very fond of Justice Sotomayor, but I must admit, I am fascinated and incredibly entertained by Justice Scalia. He and I couldn’t be more apart on the ‘ideology spectrum,’ but I admire his wit and wealth of knowledge. Both inspire me for very different reasons.”

Trisha Thompson

Trisha is from Wisconsin. Her legal interests are in health law, business law, and labor law.

“I love how the law intersects with every aspect of our culture, that risk management and policy interweave through people’s everyday lives without them realizing it.”

Laura Gardner

Laura is from California. She is interested in criminal, specifically sexual assault, social justice, and LGBT cases.

“Something that I love to learn about and also hate at the same time is the current fight with abortion rights. How pro-life states are finding loopholes to restrict access to abortion clinics. Also, the Prop 8 case from California that went to the Supreme Court last year. I voted against the ballot initiative in 2008 and ended up working with Equality California, the gay rights organization that lead the main campaign against Prop 8, last year and I was there when the Supreme Court ruling came out against Prop 8 and DOMA. It was a very exciting day.”

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